The University of New Mexico’s Center for Academic Programs and Support (CAPS), invites students, faculty and staff to participate in the grand opening of the new, CAPS Language and Writing Center. The grand opening is Wednesday, Jan. 14 from 3 to 4 p.m. in Education classrooms 208 and 210 (Building 67), just east of Zimmerman Library.

CAPS, UNM's learning assistance center, is a welcoming environment instilling confidence in students to succeed academically and to grow as lifelong learners. CAPS strives to inspire an active, student-centered and diverse learning community.

Discussing the goals and mission of the CAPS program last year, UNM Provost Chaouki Abdallah said, “We have high expectations for students, and we strive to give them all of the support they need to get there. CAPS epitomizes what we look for in our student support programs. They have a long history of successful programming, and they are among the University’s leaders in tracking and demonstrating that success. They are also one of the many programs that led to all-time highs in both number of students and percentage of Hispanic students returning for their second year.”

UNM's learning assistance center focuses on undergraduate learning by providing opportunities for academic conversations in which students engage CAPS peer tutors and UNM faculty in critical thinking throughout their educational careers. The Language and Writing Center is the next step on the path toward the  successful development of UNM’s mission to provide every opportunity for the students and communities it serves.

For more information see the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) home page or visit, Language and Writing Center’s website.