Reading a Spanish Colonial epic from a Chicano perspective is the focus of a talk on Wednesday, March 28, at noon in Hibben Center, Room 105. The epic is Villagrá's Historia de la Nueva Mexico, 1610; and the speaker is Genero Padilla.

Padilla offers a reading of Gaspar Perez de Villagrá's 1610 colonial epic as a work that stages the future, that contains a poetics of colonial mendacity—yet also a dissent. He argues that Villagrá's epic projects a dystopian conception of history recognizable in the current cultural debates of New Mexico, and that it undermines the Juan de Oñate project in its first moment.

Padilla is professor of English and associate dean in the College of Letters and Sciences at University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of several books, including The Daring Flight of My Pen: Cultural Politics and Gaspar Perez de Villagra's Historia de la Nueva Mexico, and My History, Not Yours: The Formation of Mexican American Autobiography.

This event is sponsored by the departments of American Studies, Anthropology, Spanish & Portuguese, the CHMS program, and the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Association.

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