The University of New Mexico’s Chicana and Chicano Studies department is hosting Fandango Burqueño on June 3 from 2 – 10 p.m. at the departmental offices located at 1829 Sigma Chi Rd. NE.

Fandango Burqueño

The family-friendly event brings together performers and artists from across the Southwest to celebrate community and art as well as build networks to support the local diffusion of arts expressions, like Son Jarocho, a regional folk musical style originating in Mexico. Attendees will hear music and see performances from a variety of poets and artists and have the chance to take part in workshops to learn more about these expressions.

“Our department consistently works to provide cultural programming for our students, their families and the community,” said Dr. Irene Vasquez, chair of Chicana & Chicano Studies. “The event focuses on building social, educational & cultural bridges in the state and internationally through music, art and dance.”

Along with visiting performers from El Paso, Las Cruces and Santa Fe, the event will feature renowned UNM instructors including Levi Romero, Tanaya Winder and Carlos Contreras. Local musical performers include Theresa Slack, Antonio Aragon, Chuy Martínez, Otilio Ruíz, Lorenzo Candelaria, Victor Padilla and Def-I.

Fandango Burqueño also acts as a fundraiser for Chicana & Chicano Studies to expand its high school and community based courses and programming – including its dual-enrollment high school program that allows the department to offer UNM courses at local public schools. A $5-$10 donation will be requested from attendees to support these efforts.

The event is sponsored by UNM’s Chicana & Chicano Studies, SHRI, Latin American and Iberian Institute and The Transnational Research Collective.

For more information, contact Chicana & Chicano Studies at 505.277.6414 or