The Department of Communication and Journalism launches UNM News, a web-based news service produced primarily by UNM multimedia students to serve the campus community. The first webcast looks at the Occupy Wall Street movement at the UNM campus, the GOP Hispanic Leadership Conference recently held in Albuquerque, ROTC's marathon run to Las Cruces and what Matt Leyva's big win means for him and mixed martial arts in New Mexico.

Click UNM News.

C&J; faculty are encouraged to have their students look at and contribute to the site. C&J; Associate Professor Richard Schaefer said, "We're also open, perhaps, to ideas to improve it, particularly if they do not require many hours of additional labor. We hope to have our next issue out in about 10 days."

UNM News invites members of the UNM community to submit stories, including in-depth, interpretive and retrospective pieces, of interest to UNM stakeholders. To request coverage of a story or submit stories, e-mail Richard Schaefer.