A new study, conducted by the Cognitive Rhythms and Computation Lab under the direction of Assistant Professor James Cavanagh in the UNM Department of Psychology, is looking for participants.

The purpose of the study, Cognitive Neuroscience of Reward, is to look at the brain’s response to reward in both depressed and non-depressed participants. The eligibility includes men or women aged 18-55. Participants also need to either meet criteria for depression, or are free from depressive symptoms to qualify as a control; and free from psychoactive medication for at least two weeks.  


If you participate in the study, several tasks including: 

  • Answer questionnaires about your mood and feelings;
  • Complete a brief confidential interview about your mood and feelings;
  • Play simple learning video games for rewarding outcomes;
  • Have your brain activity monitored through either a scalp electrodes (EEG) method, or in machines that can measure magnetic activity (MEG) or blood flow (MRI). Each method is very safe.

Participants will be compensated $20 to $30 per hour depending on the study being run at that time.

For more information call 505-289-0743 or email crcl.contact@gmail.com to get more information or to schedule an appointment.