UNM’s teacher preparation programs have coursework and experiences that “demonstrate a strong commitment to structured literacy and evidence-based practices”, according to a recent state-sponsored review.

UNM’s College of Education and Human Sciences (COEHS) recently hosted two Teacher Preparation Inspection evaluators (TPI-US)  in support of the State of New Mexico’s literacy pilot program and its commitment to improving literacy outcomes for New Mexican students.

The TPI inspectors spent multiple days during the week of April 21 observing and interviewing COEHS teacher candidates and their mentor teachers, as well as reviewing syllabi, and visiting COEHS ‘science of reading’ classes. 

The visit’s goal was to provide the college and the state with an independent assessment of how the college currently prepares its graduates to support New Mexican students in mastering literacy.

The visitors evaluated the college’s work across three domains: 

1) the instruction of the science of reading

2) COEHS students’ instruction of literacy in their field sites

3) the college’s community and district partnerships.

The inspectors noted that the COEHS is a “trailblazer” in teaching the science of reading to teacher candidates. 

“We don’t see this level of implementation of the science of reading across the country,” the report included.

The initial results indicate the COEHS teacher preparation programs include rigorous evidence-based coursework, well-supervised field experiences and strong partnerships with schools to support teacher candidates in enacting the science of literacy in New Mexico classrooms.

TPI inspectors shared the initial findings from their COEHS site visit on April 26 and praised the college’s impact on promoting literacy in public schools and schools located on reservations.

The report also noted that “COEHS has such a strong institution and program, and its impact on the schools is huge.” 

A second TPI site visit will follow in the next academic year, and the college expects the formal, written evaluation from the site visitors in the coming months.