Comadre a Comadre's Director Elba Saave­dra, and Pro­gram Peer Men­tors including Susan Serna Alexander, Priscilla Cabrera, Rosario Gonzales, Catherine Landavazo, Esther Leyba, Juanita Lovato, Dalila Romero, Flora Velasquez, as well as Com­mu­nity Resource Nav­i­ga­tor Michaela Granados, were members of three of seven com­mu­nity teams hon­ored recently at the 17th Annual People's Car­ing Awards hosted by Peo­ple Liv­ing Through Can­cer at the Hotel Albu­querque in Old Town.

Other recipients with UNM connections included Dr. Ian Rabinowitz, from UNM Cancer Center in the Physician category, and Louis Nuanez in the Volunteer category. Patients and coworkers say Patients and coworkers agree that Dr. Rabinowitz's greatest contribution is his ability to address difficult life and death issues with compassion. Nuanez is part of the volunteer/ liaison program to assist patients making the transition from UNM Hospital to the UNM Cancer Center.

Comadre a Comadre is a program in the University of New Mexico's College of Education devoted to serving Hispanic/Latina women and their loved ones through advocacy, education, information, resources and support about breast health and breast cancer.

Saavedra, the director of Comadre a Comadre, was the recipient in the Other Health Category. She has dedicated her career to improving the Hispanic/Latina Cancer Community. Her compassion and dedication is a treasure for women seeking support, information and resources about breast cancer.

All services at Comadre a Comadre are free and provided in both Spanish and English by its experienced staff. The Comadres are breast cancer survivors who are trained to access services and lend support from someone who "has been there."

For more information visit: Comadre a Comadre.

The People's Caring Awards were created for those who are as interested in caring as they are in curing. The awards recognize healthcare professionals, volunteers, individuals and teams who give their time and effort to help people dealing with cancer – reflecting high standards of respect, understanding and compassion. The jury panel is composed of healthcare providers, business professionals, past recipients, volunteers and other members of the community. The awards process is handled in such a way as to eliminate potential for bias.

People Living Through Cancer, a not for profit organization, connects and supports cancer survivors and caregivers by transforming shared individual experiences into enduring hope. PLTC began with five women in Albuquerque in 1983 and has expanded to a multi-person full-time staff and a dedicated board of directors. PLTC, with the help of volunteers across New Mexico, offers support services in Albuquerque and seven other cities.

For more information about the People's Caring Awards or People Living Through Cancer, individuals may call (505) 242-3263. Nominations for the People's Caring Awards are accepted year-round online at, People Living Through Cancer.

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