The University of New Mexico School of Law is hosting Congresswomen Xochitl Torres Small and Deb Haaland for events by the students, and for the students. 

Xochitl Torres Small
NM Rep. Xochitl Torres Small

Representative Xochitl Liana Torres Small will be honored at the 24th Annual Fighting for Justice Banquet, to be held on Saturday, April 20 by the Mexican American Law Student Association (MALSA). MALSA, founded in the early 1970s by a group of law students at the University of New Mexico who sought more diverse representation in the legal community, exists to recruit, support, and assist Latino and Hispanic law students.

Torres Small, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor from The University of New Mexico School of Law, is being honored for her achievements in advocacy, community organizing, and impact on her community and the State of New Mexico, in addition to her passionate effort round issues such as immigration reform, climate change, and criminal justice reform. 

Deb Haaland
NM Rep. Deb Haaland

Representative Debra Anne Haaland will deliver the 2019 School of Law Commencement address on Saturday, May 11. Haaland is a former chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and one of the first two Native American women elected to the U.S. Congress. Haaland earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of New Mexico and her Juris Doctor in Indian law from the University of New Mexico School of Law.

The MALSA Fighting for Justice Banquet is open to the public and all event information is available at

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