A new issue of Dawn of Nations Today is now available online. The student-staffed news publication covers Native American affairs from the campus to the national level. Articles in the current edition cover the Navajo Nation presidential elections, Arizona Senate Bill 1070 relating to undocumented immigrants, homelessness in Albuquerque, independent musicians and more.

Through a course in UNM's Department of Native American Studies, students working on Dawn of Nations Today learn the business of news, from writing and editing to production and distribution. Current student staff are Brent Bluehouse, Eldon Brown, Santana Chavez, Shaun Loretto Griswold, Akeemi Martinez, Akilah Martinez, Scott Riley, Alecka Seowtewa, Nikki Tulley and Brittany Wilson.

In addition to working with experienced journalist and UNM Lecturer Mary Bowannie, who teaches the course and acts as senior managing editor, students are mentored by alumni and professionals from the community and by student peer mentor Shawn Abeita.