Each of Us Defines All of Us — Unalike Minded Together — It’s Our Differences That Unite Us

These are just a few of the phrases that embody who we are, what we do and why it matters at The University of New Mexico.

“This is a simple, consistent and authentic way of stating that UNM is the sum of its people and its parts,” said Cinnamon Blair, UNM’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. “Our differences in perspective and experience, our successes and opportunities. Every student, faculty member, employee, alum – everyone who loves this place contributes a piece to the UNM story.”

These words, and the images captured to reflect them, have been infused into the promotional materials developed as a part of the University’s brand initiative that began in the Fall of 2015. University Communication & Marketing (UCAM) continues to lead the university-wide marketing and branding initiative as a way to reimagine how people define, view and experience UNM.

Digital Advertisement
Digital ads are designed to convey the brand to prospective students and their families.

Over the past nine months, the brand initiative has gained momentum with new websites, updated advertising and a new brand tone and style.

“This way of expressing a broad spectrum of perspectives and feeling about UNM has found an anchor point in the brand all across the campus community. It has found new ways to expand. So many people here are sharing the brand in their own unique way,” said Blair. “That means people aren’t just adopting the UNM brand­—they’re living it, which is really the only way it can truly be successful.

"Seeing people take ownership of this brand is one of the best outcomes we could hope for. Our goal was to accurately depict UNM in a way that everyone here can share proudly, and I think we’re doing just that, together.”

Today, the University launched a 30-second commercial and extended format video, titled Unexpected on Purpose, which will have the broadest reach and be the most visible expression of the brand to date. The new promotional video will air on televised Lobo athletic games and will be used in a digital marketing campaign.

The primary objective of the promotional video is to attract new students to apply to UNM, supporting broad institutional enrollment goals. Blair believes the spot will also instill a sense of University pride in the greater community.

“The goal, of course, is to attract people to and build awareness of the value of UNM, but we hope that everyone already here, and all our alumni seeing this video will walk away saying ‘wow, I’m proud to be a part of that. This is UNM.’ We are showing off our programs and accolades, while highlighting the adventure and excitement that is a part of this institution and our great state,” Blair said.

Recognize the voice in the commercial? The video is narrated by Albuquerque Poet Laureate and Lobo alumnus Hakim Bellamy—another detail that makes the video representative of the University. The video showcases UNM’s unique campus, amazing students and picturesque state.

Filming Architecture Students
Videographer films students and faculty working in the School of Architecture and Planning.

The video was produced by UNM’s branding agency, 160over90, and included New Mexico video production team, 82/92, in the filming.

“Throughout the brand initiative, it has been important to us that we keep much of the work local, as well as including our own staff and students. We are excited to be working with local talent whenever possible. They understand us. They understand and are a part of our state,” said Blair.

The video is just one of the many expressions of the UNM brand. The new award winning undergraduate recruitment publication and an online advertising campaign, are strategically targeted toward potential students and their families. Others representations, like the refresh of UNM’s homepage, are more universal and visible to the community.

In September, UCAM worked with two student organizations to host Silent Lights, a student-oriented, experiential homecoming silent disco and video projection event held on Smith Plaza that attracted more than 1,000 students, and won an international marketing video award.

Beyond the video, the advertising campaign launch will also include local outdoor and holiday display advertising. A mix of traditional and digital advertising will deliver messages to very specific audiences.