It’s a program designed to promote sustainable practices on campus. For the duck population at The University of New Mexico’s Duck Pond, it’s about healthy eating.

Eco Reps at UNM’s Residence Life & Student Housing will conduct a “Feed the Ducks” program on Friday, April 20. The event, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Duck Pond, will teach visitors to the Duck Pond what food is proper, eco-friendly information to keep the duck population safe and healthy, and will provide appropriate food for visitors to give to the ducks that will also help keep the Duck Pond clean.

The food people often give to wildlife in the Duck Pond is dangerous for them to eat and takes away the beauty of the water. Bread products are a no-no. It’s basically junk food that causes a number of issues including deformities, sickness, disease and it also attracts pests. In addition. rotting bread also pollutes the water.

Eco Reps is a residence life community student organization interested in promoting sustainable practices. Eco Reps began as a Research Service Learning Program in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability to create a set of classes that will keep the environmental needs of the campus in mind. They provide programs to the general UNM community related to energy efficiency, recycling and waste production. The group also provides sustainability activities within the residence life area. Feed the Ducks is another of their great programs.

For example, several years ago the group raised funds to help place recycling containers in each resident’s room. They also coordinate the annual Resident Lobo Reclaim where they accept gently-used items from residents moving out at the end of the year. In turn, they provide these items at a very reduced rate in August at move in, similar to a small thrift store.