Transition to working from home has not been easy, but The University of New Mexico's Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) team has put together the Remote Work Resources page to help managers and employees maneuver new working environments.

From using new technologies to communication barriers, working from home or on a modified work schedule during limited operations has created new workplace challenges. This caused the OED to leap to action and try to compile as many resources as possible to ease this transition during such a strenuous time.

These resources are designed for all employees, from part-time employees to managers. Some resources include videos, text, and trouble-shooting help. Each resource is divided into the following categories: managing change and uncertainty; personal resilience and well-being; and working and leading remotely.

Specific topics include:

  • Improving your productivity at home
  • Supporting employees during uncertainty
  • Conference call etiquette
  • Zoom access and help guides
  • Moving your training/instruction online

Need help with your organizational processes? EOD delivers a range of solutions that positively impact organizational effectiveness in relation to productivity, job satisfaction, and personal fulfillment including one-on-one coaching, team facilitation, and training.

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