The University of New Mexico has encouraged students to get involved this summer through various university programs and events. One of the events UNM is hosting, before the fall semester starts, is the “Discover Your Science Exploration Festival” for first-year UNM students on Wednesday, Aug. 17 in George Pearl Hall.

The event is designed to give students the opportunity to learn more about science majors, research projects, cutting-edge technology, student organizations and student support programs at UNM.

"Our hope is that students see both the "wow" and the "how" in science, health science and engineering,” says Tim Schroeder, director of the STEM Collaborative Center. “We want them to see how exciting their futures can be, while also charting their routes into those professions."

The full-day event includes two campus road trips where students will tour high-tech university research labs and design studios, meet professors and peers, go behind the scenes at museums and participate in hands-on demonstrations. 

“As freshman, the world is at their fingertips and it is my hope that DYS will illuminate the wonderful landscape UNM offers to students and spark their excitement about STEM learning,” says Callie French, STEM program specialist at the Center for Academic Program Support, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Admission to the fair is free, and participants are allowed to bring two guests with them. Registration is open for students and guests via the STEMCC Discover Your Science website

Discover Your Science is a collaborative event sponsored by many UNM departments and organizations. According to Kate Krause, dean of Honors College and University College, "DYS is a prime example of faculty and staff at UNM working together to show new students how fun it can be to participate in the creation of new knowledge."

For more information on STEMCC programs and events visit their website