This week, New Mexico in Focus continues its series on entrepreneurship through conversations with two Albuquerque business owners. Keith Allen West produces organic skin care products in New Mexico that are shipped to customers around the world. Phoebe Suina advises tribes in water resource management and she tells us what it's like to be a female business owner in a male-dominated industry.

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Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry has championed entrepreneurship during his time in office. Mayor Berry sits down with producer Sarah Gustavus to talk about the role of entrepreneurs in economic development.

Host Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists discuss the first report from the independent monitor for APD reforms, the current revenue projections for the state and the latest news in an ongoing legal battle over teacher evaluations.

Richard J. Berry, Albuquerque mayor
Phoebe Suina, owner, High Water Mark, LLC
Keith Allen West, owner, Urban Fresh Cosmetics

Line Panelists
Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Eric Griego, former New Mexico state senator
Tom Garrity, Garrity Group PR
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney at Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP

Sarah Gustavus

Gene Grant

The producer of New Mexico in Focus is Sarah Gustavus.  The associate producer is Kathy Wimmer. Funding for this program was provided in part by the McCune Foundation Communications Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation. The Holly Holm segment was originally produced by Kelsie Kloepfer, a UNM Political Science Dept. intern.

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