The New Mexico Consortium features Cosmic Frontiers: Stephen Hawking & The Universe, on April 27-28, at SALA Los Alamos Event Center in Los Alamos, N.M.

While attending the event in person offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of scientific discovery and interact with experts in the field, not everyone can make it to Los Alamos. The event will also be live-streamed on YouTube for viewers to tune in and participate in the cosmic journey.


Join the live stream on the YouTube Cosmic Frontiers website or on its YouTube channel @CosmicFrontiers24.

This event, sponsored in part by the New Mexico Consortium, a group of three research universities, including The University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, will explore the mysteries of the universe over two days with talks, panel discussions, and interactive sessions.

The focus will be on Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking work and the experience of collaborating with him. After a screening of the 1992 Sundance Grand Jury award-winning theatrical documentary A Brief History of Time, based on Hawking’s best-selling book of the same name, a Q&A with the film's executive producer, Gordon Freedman, will follow.

Canadian theoretical physicist Ray LaFlamme unfortunately can no longer attend. British theoretical physicist Malcolm Perry, longtime Hawking friend and Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge will now attend as one of the invited speakers. Whether you're planning to attend in person or join virtually, be sure to guarantee your spot at this extraordinary event by claiming your free tickets from the SALA Event Center Website.

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in Stephen Hawking's world, thought-provoking discussions, and mind-bending concepts that will expand your understanding of the universe.