Richard Holder
Richard Holder


Richard Holder, professor of Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences is the new president of the UNM Faculty Senate.  Pamela Pyle, associate professor of Music in the College of Fine Arts is the President-Elect. Past President is Amy Neel, associate professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Other Operations Committee members include: Thomas Long, associate professor, Anesthesiology; Holly Phillips, principal lecturer, University Libraries; Timothy J. Ross, professor, Civil Engineering; and Irene Vasquez, associate professor, American Studies.

Anderson School of Management
Harry Van Buren, 2012-2014
Robert Tepper, 2013-2015 *

Architecture & Planning
Kristina Yu, 2012-2014

Arts & Sciences
Constantine Hadjilambrinos (Geography), 2013-2015 *
Richard Holder (Chemistry), 2012-2014
Feroza Jussawalla (English), 2013-2015 **
Jeffrey Long (Anthropology), 2012-2014
Nancy Lopez (Sociology), 2012-2014
Margot Milleret (Spanish and Portuguese), 2013-2015 **
Patricia Risso (History), 2013-2015 **
Christine Sierra (Political Science), 2012-2014
James Thomas (Physics and Astronomy), 2013-2015 **
Thomas Turner (Biology), 2012-2014
Irene Vasquez (American Studies), 2013-2015 **
Blair Wolf (Biology), 2012-2014

Ricky Lee Allen (Language, Literacy Sociocultural LL), 2012-2014
Glenabah Martinez (Language, Literacy Sociocultural LL), 2012-2014
Anne Calhoon (Language, Literacy Sociocultural LL), 2013-2015
Diane Torres-Velasquez (Teacher Education), 2013-2015

Walter Gerstle (Civil Engineering), 2012-2014
Cassiano de Oliveria (Chemical and Nuclear), 2013-2015 **
John Russell (Mechanical Engineering), 2012-2014
Edl Schamiloglu (Electrical Computer Engineering), 2012-2014

Fine Arts
Michael Cook (Art & Art History), 2012-2014
Vladimir Conde Reche (Theatre & Dance), 2012-2014
Michael Hix (Music), 2013-2015 **

Joe Kee, 2012-2014

Michael Thomas, 2013-2015 *

Scott Hughes, 2013-2015 **

Los Alamos
Dennis Davies-Wilson, 2013-2015 **

Diana Aboytes (Dental Medicine), 2013-2015 *
William Adler (Internal Medicine), 2013-2015 **
Bina Ahmed (Internal Medicine), 2013-2015 *
Coffee Brown (Emergency Medicine), 2012-2014
Lee Brown (Internal Medicine), 2013-2015 **
Sally Davis (Pediatrics), 2013-2015 *
Sally Fortner (Anesthesiology), 2013-2015 *
Chien-An Hu (Biochemistry), 2012-2014
Thomas Long (Anesthesiology), 2012-2014
Melissa Martinez (Internal Medicine), 2012-2014
Robert McDaniels (Emergency Medicine), 2012-2014
Scott Ness (Genomics), 2012-2014
Diane Parham (Pediatrics), 2013-2015 *
Grace Park (Emergency Medicine), 2012-2014
Janet Poole (Pediatrics), 2013-2015 *
Stefan Posse (Neurology), 2013-2015 *
John Rask (Anesthesiology), 2013-2015 **
Vallabh Shah (Biochemistry), 2012-2014
Codruta Soneru (Anesthesiology), 2012-2014
Melissa Ivers (Dental Services), 2012-2014
Robert Valdez (Family and Community Medicine), 2012-2014
James Wallace (Neuroscience), 2013-2015 **
Jorge Wernly (Surgery), 2013-2015 *

Cindy Mendelson-Klauss, 2013-2015 **
Geoff Shuster, 2012-2014

Donald Godwin, 2012-2014
Jeffrey Norenberg, 2013-2015 **

Public Administration
Bruce Perlman, 2012-2014

University College
Greg Cajete, 2012-2014

University Libraries
Steven Harris, 2013-2015 *

Julia So, 2012-2014

Louis Moya, 2012-2014

At Large
Dan Barkley (University Libraries), 2013-2015 **
Tobias Fischer (Earth and Planetary Sciences), 2013-2015 **
Nick Flor (Anderson School of Management), 2012-2014
Holly Phillips (University Libraries), 2013-2015 *
Pamela Pyle (College of Fine Arts), 2012-2014
Sue Queen (School of Medicine), 2012-2014
Tim Ross (School of Engineering), 2012-2014

* new senator
** re-elected senator

Listed below are the results of recent elections for members of the Academic Freedom and Tenure and members of the Faculty Senate. The election for the 2013-2014 Committee on Governance Chair will be held next week.

Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee 2013-2015
Marsha Baum (School of Law), Peter Fawcett (Earth and Planetary Sciences), Elizabeth Hutchison (History), Feroza Jussawalla (English), Katrin Schroeter (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Christina Takacs-Vesbach (Biology), Jorge Wernly (Surgery)

Previously elected members with terms expiring June 30, 2014 are: Claire-Lise Benaud (University Libraries), Mohamed S. El-Genk (Chemical and Nuclear Engineering), Karl Hinterbichler (Music), Cathy Qi (Educational Specialties), Adrienne Salinger (Art and Art History) and Diane Torres-Velasquez (Teacher Education)

Committee on Governance 2013-2016
Jacqueline Hood (Organizational Studies)

Previously elected members with term expiring June 30, 2014 are: Douglas Fields (Physics & Astronomy) and Ursula Shepherd (University Honors Program)

Previously elected members with terms expiring June 30, 2015 are: Timothy Lowrey (Biology Department), Elizabeth Noll (Language Literacy Sociocultural LL)

Senators 2013-2015
At-Large Senators

Daniel Barkley (University Libraries), Tobias Fischer (Earth and Planetary Sciences) and Holly Phillips (University Libraries)

Previously elected At-Large Senators with terms expiring June 30, 2014: Nick Flor (Anderson School of Management), Pamela Pyle (College of Fine Arts), Sue Queen (School of Medicine) and Tim Ross (School of Engineering).

NOTE: The election for a 2013-2014 At-Large Senator vacancy will be held in the Fall 2013 semester.