D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives is once again partnering with UNM Continuing Education to host a series of Rananim online creative writing workshops.

The eight-week, non-credit courses give writers the opportunity to get feedback on their work, and learn more about the craft of writing from leading instructors at the University. Classes are available that cater to both beginner and advanced writers, whether they are poets, novelists, short story writers or memorialists.

The cost is $400 per class. $50 of each tuition paid is given to the UNM Foundation as a contribution to the D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives.

Courses run from October through November and are limited to 15 participants per class. Click here to register.


Laura Brodie: Where to Begin: Steps Toward Creating a World (multi-genre)

Daniel Mueller: Central Image in Narrative: The Picture Tells the Story (multi-genre)

Tanaya Winder: Writing the Rupture (poetry)

Summer Wood: Write It New (multi-genre)