The University Libraries Indigenous Nations Library Program (INLP) is excited to accept applications for the fall 2022 Michael and Enokena Olson Memorial Scholarship.

The Michael and Enokena Olson Memorial Scholarship was established to support undergraduate and graduate Native American Students at the University of New Mexico. The Olson Scholarship awards two students each semester with $250 intended to assist students with the costs associated with attending UNM.

Undergraduate and graduate students must be enrolled full-time at UNM and provide proof of tribal enrollment.

Students interested in applying will need to submit an application packet online, or by email to, or to the INLP Office on the second floor of Zimmerman Library by Oct. 21.  More information about the application requirements can be found at the INLP website.

The Indigenous Nations Library Program supports Indigenous learning, promotes Indigenous scholarship, and cultivates Indigenous creation. The goal is to cultivate and support Indigenous people to be active agents of change in their community by providing culturally safe learning environments, culturally relevant information services and developing a community of scholars that advance scholarship, teaching and intellectual discovery.