Far to the southwest part of the state, just above the boot-heel, a group of interdisciplinary and collaborative University of New Mexico scholars are exploring how architecture and design are impacting the economic landscape of Deming.

Tim Castillo

“Finding Rural: Deming Studio” is the 2018 installment of the on-going project instigated by Tim Castillo, associate professor and associate dean at UNM’s School of Architecture + Planning (SA+P). Castillo co-founded the Finding Rural design program in 2015 as a partnership between UNM SA+P, Western New Mexico University and the School of Architecture at Woodbury University. As part of the incubator project, students and instructors are working alongside communities in Grand County and Silver City to uncover how architecture and design play a role in economic development.

During the Deming Studio 2018 project, the team developed concepts and recommendations on revitalizing part of Deming. The final presentation of their work will be held on Friday, Dec. 7 from 11 – 3 p.m. in George Pearl Hall on UNM’s Main Campus. 

SA+P Dean Geraldine Forbes Isais will be leading the presentation, which will feature Castillo and co-founder Stan Bertheaud, professor at Woodbury University-San Diego School of Architecture. Students from both schools have been working on the project, and their ideas on re-envisioning the city will be available to for all to see.

Read more about the Finding Rural project by visiting its website