The Global Education Office’s (GEO) International Education Week is back and bigger than ever from Nov. 13 to 17.  

During this special week, students are invited to participate in various events designed to broaden their cultural horizons and enrich their perspectives. GEO is proud of UNM’s diverse community, and its international students who contribute to the campus's tapestry of languages, religions, and nationalities. 

“I love walking through Cornell Mall hearing the different languages swirling around me. Our students and scholars from abroad enrich our educational experience by exposing us to different opinions and ideas. Cross-cultural interactions are not always easy, but they are crucial in creating a balanced and informed worldview,”  Executive Director of Global Education Initiatives Nicole Tami said.

This year, GEO has lined up an exciting lineup of events for students to enjoy. The highlights include a mini soccer world cup where teams of up to three students can represent their favorite countries in competitive scrimmage games. This is on Nov. 13 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Johnson Field. Teams can register here.

GEO’s Education Abroad unit will also host a study abroad fair, providing students with insights into the various study programs available across the country, information on scholarships and funding, and the opportunity to obtain a passport at the UNM Passport Center in the UNM Bookstore. That takes place Nov. 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the SUB. 

"The goal of International Education Week is to encourage people to embrace international experiences, broaden their horizons, and develop a better understanding of the world's diverse cultures and societies. This is the same goal that we have for Study Abroad, so why not combine the two events? Through our Study Abroad Fair, we are able to introduce students to the many opportunities that UNM offers to expand their educational experience while a student,” GEO Faculty-Led International Program Coordinator Sara Gutierrez said.

Throughout the week, various campus departments will also host their unique events, like karaoke, flamenco and special meals. GEO says as the week unfolds, more events could be added to the roster. For a full schedule and for additional details about International Education Week click here

"During International Education Week, we host events that invite students to listen, taste, and engage in new cultural experiences and, in so doing, expand their perspectives. UNM is incredibly diverse, and our international students add to the ethnic, linguistic, religious, and national diversity of our campus,” Tami said.