UNM Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) is reminding the community to share their thoughts and insights on the future development and architecture of UNM's campuses through the ongoing Integrated Campus Plan (ICP) initiative. The online survey, which plays a pivotal role in gathering community feedback, is set to close on Aug. 25, providing community members a last opportunity to contribute their valuable perspectives. Whether you’re at UNM in Albuquerque or at any of UNM’s branch campuses—we need to hear from you.

Your input will help shape the preliminary recommendations. Stay tuned to review the recommendations in the Fall!
PDC invites all members of our community to participate in the online survey and make your voice heard in shaping the future development of UNM's campuses. To contribute your thoughts, visit unm.engage.sasaki.com/#survey.

About Integrated Campus Plan
In September 2022, the Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) department embarked on a significant undertaking to craft an Integrated Campus Plan for The University. This strategic blueprint will steer UNM's choices regarding the physical environment—encompassing safety, access, mobility, and sustainability—while also serving as a comprehensive roadmap for the future development of UNM's diverse campuses and landholdings over the upcoming decade. This plan is being developed to align with the university's Strategic Plan UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined. Led by Sasaki Associates, a multidisciplinary team was assembled to ensure that the physical assets of the institution would translate its academic mission and strategic vision into a tangible roadmap for growth.

The ICP focuses on improvements to and development of facilities, grounds, and physical infrastructure, with the goal of enhancing all UNM’s campuses and accommodating the evolving needs of the university community.

Community Engagement
PDC has consistently championed a collaborative approach to campus development, valuing the input of its community members. Over the past year, PDC and Sasaki have conducted a series of engagement activities, including a successful three-day Open House held in April, where students, faculty, staff, alumni, and neighbors actively participated, sharing their visions and innovative ideas.

For those who couldn't attend the in-person Open House, the online survey offers a convenient platform to make a meaningful impact. The survey will remain open until Aug. 25, providing community members with a final opportunity to contribute their thoughts, preferences, and suggestions. Your input will be a driving force in shaping decisions related to safety, access, sustainability, and the overall campus environment.

UNM recognizes that a dynamic, inclusive campus environment is nurtured through the active involvement of its community. The insights collected from the survey will be instrumental in crafting the recommendations of the Integrated Campus Plan, ensuring a well-informed vision for the future.

What's on the Horizon?
As the survey period comes to a close, preliminary recommendations based on the collected feedback will be formulated. The next ICP Open House, slated for September, will give the UNM community the chance to review these recommendations. The final plan is scheduled for completion by the end of this year, reflecting UNM's ongoing commitment to progress and the holistic well-being of its stakeholders.

Join hands with us to sculpt the future of UNM's campuses and contribute to a vibrant, forward-looking university community! For the latest updates and comprehensive information about the Integrated Campus Plan, please explore unm.engage.sasaki.com/#welcome.