As the nation heads into Memorial Weekend, the unofficial start of summer, The University of New Mexico wants to recognize and honor the men and women who died while serving in the military, those who continue to bravely serve and those who have dedicated their time and talent to becoming service members. 

Many Lobos have made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and defending our country. UNM honors them by having their names inscribed on the wall at the UNM Alumni Chapel. 

The University of New Mexico has a long history with the U.S. military—its active members and Veterans. Lobos have served in every major conflict and war and at times the campus has been utilized not only for educational support, but for training and housing including the cavalry and their compliment of horses. 

UNM is one of a few universities in the southwest to have all three service branches represented on campus. The Naval ROTC was the first unit in May of 1941, followed by the Air Force in 1947 and the Army ROTC in 1987. 

This year, the ROTC Units came together to revive an annual tradition, the Commander's Cup, a long-standing friendly competition between cadets from all three military branches housed on the UNM campus.

“The goal of the event was to get our future military leaders working together and engender a bit of esprit de corps and friendly competition,” says Professor of Military Science and Army ROTC Commander, LTC Alissa A. McKaig.

The cadets find the competition to be a fun outlet of energy and branch spirit, but also recognize its future implications. 

“It’s a friendly competition between all three branches and since we’ll be working together throughout our years in service, this event introduces a sense of competition between the ROTC units and an understanding of each other,” says cadet Owen Marx. 

Serving those who have served
The University continues its dedication to Lobo service members with the UNM Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC). Opening its doors in 2009, the VRC is dedicated to the needs of our Lobo Veterans—not only in the classroom, but with the transition into college life with tailored support for individual needs. 

UNM is honored to be recognized nationally as one of the top Military Friendly Institutions. This designation is due to the University’s support of its Veteran students and their family members.

This Memorial Day, The University of New Mexico would like to thank our Lobo service members and Veterans— let them know their service will always be remembered and honored. 

The University also recognizes the commitment and dedication to excellence of our ROTC students.