The UNM Board of Regents has agreed to allow students to transfer credits earned in the Disney College Program to their home institution under The University of New Mexico name. When students attend the paid internship program at any of the Disney resorts, they have the opportunity to attend courses and earn course credits, but not all institutions accept DCP program courses for credit.

That means some of the more than 25,000 students who take courses in the DCP are unable to transfer the credits to their home institution.

Here’s how the program works now for UNM students.

Any student who wants to spend a semester working at a Disney Resort in Florida or California can apply for a paid internship. If they wish to take Disney College courses during their time working for the resort, they can transfer up to six credit hours back to UNM. They can also take a Disney College Program capstone course on the UNM campus for an additional three credit hours.

The student pays $858 for the capstone course. The Disney College Program courses transfer back at zero cost. The student receives nine credits at a cost of $858.

Under the new program housed in Innovation Scholars, students from other institutions would receive the same opportunity.

Students from universities which do not accept Disney College Program course credits can enroll as non-degree students at UNM at the beginning of their internship. The Disney College Program credits they earn will transfer back to UNM, and UNM in turn will transfer the course credits back to the student’s home institution. The students will pay a reduced tuition of $100 per credit for 9 hours.

The program will be handled through Innovation Academy in collaboration with University College. Some of the money UNM receives through the program will go to support the Innovation Academy program.

“This is a true ‘win-win’ scenario. We are helping students around the world complete their degrees at a reduced cost, gain exposure for UNM and generate revenue for important initiatives at the university,” said Rob DelCampo, executive director of the Innovation Academy.

The Disney College Program offers a variety of opportunities to students interested in marketing, branding, corporate culture and structure and engineering. It also offers job opportunities for students interested in working at Disney Resorts.

DelCampo says the Disney College Program gives students valuable insight into the inner workings of a large corporate culture, something that has always proved helpful to UNM students UNM as they explore possible careers.