InterCall, The University of New Mexico’s audio conferencing vendor, has been in place for a year now with numerous departments having migrated to this valued service.

Many departments are recognizing InterCall Audio Conferencing savings of more than 50 percent in related conferencing costs from the previous year.


InterCall Audio Conferencing benefits include:

  • Departments can schedule, pay (PCard, Purchase Order (PO), check) and manage their own conferencing directly with InterCall
  • Direct support from InterCall 
  • International call-in capability
  • Mobile app feature
  • Reduced cost per minute
  • International rates are available through your InterCall representative.

How to use the service
To utilize the service, users simply need to register, set-up and begin using InterCall Audio Conferencing right away. Click on this link, FastInfo 7568, review “Instructions” and documents attached at the bottom of the page. The "How to Get Engaged" document will step users through the registration and set-up process.

Users will receive an email confirmation from InterCall, followed within a couple days by email with your new Toll-Free (8xx) number and Personal Identification number (PIN) to start placing calls. Note: You will receive a new Toll-Free (8xx) number assigned by InterCall.

For more information and or questions, contact UNM IT Service Owner Mark Reynolds at 505-277-5988 or email,