Since the official ground breaking in June 2018, great progress has been made to expand and renew Johnson Center’s existing recreational facility.  

Crews have completed demolition work at the site to prepare for the expansion at the southeast corner of the existing building. The partial demolition of the current structure marks a crucial first step towards the development of the 50,000 square foot expansion designed to improve building accessibility and wayfinding and bring several new recreational amenities to Johnson Center.  

“As the existing facility has a complicated use and extend hours of use, the project has presented several logistical challenges to the design and construction team,” said Amy Coburn, university architect and director of UNM Planning, Design & Construction. “However, the development process has been smooth.” 

Currently half of the foundations for the south gym addition have been installed, and soon the structural steel for the elevated indoor running track will be raised. 

Renovation improvements within the building are also in progress to modernize the current facilities. Work is being done to refurbish and upgrade the existing building infrastructure which includes bringing Johnson Center up to modern code and connecting the building to the UNM Central Plant and Controls (UNM-Ford Utilities) for improved energy management.   

The majority of Johnson Center is currently under construction and many things may be changing around the area through the remainder of the project. The primary entrance to the gym is located at the west entrance. The south gym, aerobic room, dance room, mat/wrestling room and racquetball courts will remain closed throughout construction, while all swimming pools and Johnson Field will remain open during the construction.  

The $35 million project, funded by student fees, is currently within budget and on schedule for completion in March of 2020.  

New and renovated amenities to look forward to include:

  • Expanded space for weight and cardio equipment. 
  • An indoor running and walking track. 
  • An indoor-cycling studio.   
  • New spaces for the Outdoor Adventures & Bike Shop.
  • New east entrance with lobby and social spaces.
  • Renovated South Gym.
  • Upgraded heating and air conditioning systems. 
  • Additional bathrooms and the remodeling of existing ones. 
  • A new laundry room. 
  • Functional training rooms.

For information on gym closures, relocation times and a temporary guidance map visit the Rec Services  website.