KNME-TV / New Mexico PBS presents A Celebration of New Mexico Hispanic Folk Music, Nuestra Música, Wednesday, Aug. 24 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Ch. 5.1. Enjoy an exciting evening that celebrates Hispano folk music. Captured live at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe, Nuestra Música is a concert featuring some of New Mexico’s most renowned musicians. 

“It’s inspiring. It lifts us. It reminds us of the place we all love so much. It’s important to show people what our musical heritage is. This music really belongs to New Mexico. It is Nuestra Música," said UNM Professor Emeriti and cou-founder Emeriti Enrique Lamadrid.

Join more than 20 performers and a standing room-only crowd for an evening of songs that share the great musical legacy of New Mexico.

Performers include: Roberto Mondragon, Glenn Holmes, David Sena, Mel Gallegos, Ernesto Holmes, Robel (Chacho) Taylor, Frank McCulloch, Melody Mock, Luis Campos, Cipriano y La Familia Vigil, Cipriano Vigil Sr., Felicita Vigil, Cipriano Vigil Jr., Marisol Vigil, Mitzael Vigil, Alonzo Vigil, David Garcia, Brenda Romero, Consuelo Luz, Trio Jalapeños, Antonia Apodaca, Bernie Jaramillo and David Garcia.

“It just gets me every time,” says Jack Loeffler, co-founder, Nuestra Música. “Listening to some of the songs that actually came from the Iberian Peninsula and up the Camino Real.  Realizing that the people who came up the Camino Real were marching to the beat of this music, and they tapped that rhythm right into the soil of New Mexico. What is really wonderful is that this music is straight from the heart. Once it bites you, it never lets you go.”

Tonie Apodaca of Trio Jalapeños, an audience favorite who really got everyone’s toes tapping, exemplifies New Mexico culture. Prior to going onstage, she shared her secret to long life and musical ability in a short impromptu song: “Chile in the morning, chile in the evening, chile at suppertime. Chile makes me happy with pinto beans of course. I give that remedy to everybody.”

Join KNME-TV for wonderful songs that are at the heart of New Mexico’s musical heritage. For more information, visit ‘Viva Nuestra Música!  Viva New Mexico!'