EVENT RESCHEDULED - La Po Goes Global, an annual Spring semester dining event, is back by popular demand. The event, presented by University of New Mexico Food at La Posada, takes place Wednesday, April 12 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This year’s menu includes a global selection of Italian, French, Indian, Thai and Argentinian cuisines.

This event was previously scheduled for April 4, but was rescheduled due to anticipated weather. 


This event was inspired by the success of La Po Goes Local, an annual Fall semester event highlighting New Mexican culture, cuisine and farms. Meal plan holders enjoy the format of the fall event and have expressed their desire for more international cuisine. In response, La Po decided to host an event similar to La Po Goes Local to showcase global flavors in an exciting way.

Meal plan holders were surveyed on which country’s cuisine they would like to see at the event. 

Menu selections from each country include:


  • Fresh made mozzarella
  • Caprese skewers
  • Margherita pizza


  • Handheld crepes
  • Charcuterie display


  • Pokora
  • Samosa
  • Gulab Jamun


  • Pork Satay
  • Rice Paper Spring rolls
  • Thai marinated chopped chicken lettuce wrap


  • Milanese
  • Chipas
  • Empanadas

Meal plan holders can use a meal swipe to access the event. Non-meal plan holders are welcome to join by paying the door rate to enter.