The University of New Mexico Latin American & Iberian Institute hosts a help and information session for Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships, on Wednesday, Dec. 3 at noon at the LAII. Deadline for applications is Friday, Feb. 6. All first time applicants are encouraged to attend. 

FLAS Fellowships promote the study of less commonly taught languages. The fellowships provide tuition and fees, plus a stipend - $15,000 for graduate students; $5,000 for undergraduates. Recipients of academic year FLAS fellowships are required to take courses at UNM in K'iche' Maya, Brazilian Portuguese or Quechua, as well as Latin American area studies courses. 

Summer fellowships provide the majority of program fees for intensive study of a less commonly taught Latin American language at a FLAS-eligible program in the United States or Latin America. 

For more information, contact, call 505-277-7049 or visit the LAII online