Just prior to winter break, University of New Mexico President Robert Frank received a letter from Higher Education Department Secretary Jose Garcia notifying him that the Legislative Lottery Scholarship award would no longer cover 100 percent of tuition. UNM has stepped in to cover the reduction for most students affected by the cut.

Terry Babbitt, associate vice president, Enrollment Management, said, “The Legislative Lottery Scholarship has been reduced to cover up to $2,447.12 for the spring semester as determined by the state of New Mexico Higher Education Department. This amount is $56.23 less than full tuition for 15 credit hours or about 98 percent of the tuition cost for that course load.”

The Office of Student Financial Aid notified Lottery students that UNM will supplement the $56.23 for those who have financial need or were recipients of merit scholarships. The remaining students will have to pay the $56.23 difference. Over half of those on the Lottery Scholarship at UNM received the supplement.

The 2014 legislative session defined maximum Lottery award amounts as 100% of the sector tuition average or, if tuition is lower than this average, the full tuition level of that particular institution. The sector averages for the 2014-2015 academic year are: for research institutions, $2575.92; for comprehensive universities, $1570.86; and for community colleges, $643.41. The December notification to institutions indicated the awards would be 95 percent of these amounts.