Lobo Head Football Coach Danny Gonzales will participate in the Alumni Association's first virtual Lobo Living Room, Thursday, July 23. The Zoom event starts at 6:30 p.m.

“I’m excited to take part in the Lobo Living Room," Gonzales said. "Being back at UNM has been special, and reigniting the tradition of Lobo Football is something the whole staff is passionate about. I hope everyone tunes in to hear about what we have in store for the team and for the season.”


The Voice of the Lobos, Robert Portnoy, and former Lobo football player Preston Dennard will join the discussion, hosted by UNM Alumni Association President Chad Cooper. Get the latest Lobo Football updates about the upcoming season, players, coaches and more.

RSVP for the event and participants will receive an email with the Zoom meeting link and password to join. Space is limited to 500 guests.

The Lobo Living Room features notable UNM alumni discussing, demonstrating or performing in their areas of expertise.

"We may not be able to physically gather right now, but we are all together in spirit – a united Lobo Pack."

Lobo Living Room events are typically organized one year in advance; Alumni are encouraged to submit topic suggestions.