Training for the annual Lobo Triathlon is past the halfway point. The event, set for Sunday, April 9, is limited to the first, 300 registrants. Early-bird registration and student discounts end on March 17.

Below is the training regimen for Week 7 and 8.

Week 7 Training:  February 27 – March 4
Monday: Run/Swim: Run 1 mile at moderate pace, then swim 900 yards - 4 x 50 moderate pace, with a 25 second recovery after each set, then 5 x 100 with a 30 second recovery after each set.

Tuesday: Core: 10 minutes - 4 x 30 second planks, 2 x 25 modified crunches. Repeat 2 or 3 times through the day to equal 10 minutes

Wednesday: Bike 45 minutes at moderate pace, flat to rolling hills, keeping cadence at 90 RPM.

Thursday:  Swim 1000 yards – 6 x 25 fast pace with a 25 second recovery after each set, 3 x 50 moderate pace with a 20 second recovery after each set, 6 x 100 with 25 second recovery, then 100  easy cool down.

Friday: Run 3 miles at a moderate pace.

Saturday: Bike 14 miles then run 30 minutes.


Week 8 Training: March 6 - 11
Monday: Swim 800 yards – 6 x 50 (moderate effort) with a 25 second recovery between sets, then 5 x 100 yards with a focus on form, and 25 second recovery between sets.

Wednesday: Bike 8 miles moderate pace, flat to rolling hills, keeping cadence at 90 RPM.

Friday: Run 4 miles moderate pace, 85-90 steps per minute

Saturday:  Attend coaching session – bring swimming and running gear  - we will work on swimming technique and running drills, mechanics and form.

For discounted registration, UNM Hospital employees should contact Byron Piatt, or Lori Peterkin, for UNMH discount code.

UNM faculty and staff may use tuition remission for the coaching sessions, which includes race registration fees.

The Lobo Triathlon is organized by HESS (Health Exercise and Sports Sciences), a department in the College of Education. 

All proceeds benefit the Summer Youth Sports Program.