The University of New Mexico's new Cherry license plate is about ready to hit the street for drivers across New Mexico.

The announcement of UNM’s newest license plate was made by the UNM Alumni Association during its annual tailgate celebration as part of the ‘Paint the Town Cherry’ Homecoming festivities last fall.

More than 31,000 votes were cast during the two-week voting period for a newly-designed license plate incorporating UNM’s new signature logo.

If a driver's vehicle is registered in New Mexico, they can apply for a UNM license plate. The annual fee is initially $37 and upon each regular registration renewal. 

If drivers are interested in ordering the new cherry pride plate, simply print out the collegiate plate form and mail in the request with a check - please note, you’ll have to specify you want the “Cherry Plate” next to the University’s name. Drivers can also purchase a plate Friday, March 6 at any MVD. 

License plate details:

  • Sequencing will continue where the previous plate left off, no special number sequence available.
  • Drivers do not have to get the new plate  if they have any existing UNM plate—just renew your plate tags as needed.
  • Download and print Form MVD11322 (All NM colleges). Take the completed form to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department when it's time to register your vehicle. The plates for vehicles take about two-weeks to be delivered.
  • A portion of the plate’s annual registration fee comes back to the University.

For additional information, visit UNM Alumni Association.