ASUNM Lobo Spirit, Student Activities and University Communication and Marketing (UCAM) worked together to host this year’s Lobo Day celebration on Friday, Feb. 26 in the SUB Atrium.

Students decorate t-shirts designed by University Communication & Marketing.

Lobo Day is the annual celebration of The University of New Mexico’s birthday. UNM was established on Feb. 28, 1889 making the University 127-years-old. The festivities at Lobo Day included t-shirts that students were able to draw on and decorate, postcards, a photo booth and refreshments. The annual atrium photo was also taken, which will hang in the Student Union Building by Chick-fil-A.

Executive director of ASUNM Lobo Spirit, Jordan Scott said that Lobo Day is a time to relax and have fun celebrating the University. “It’s important because you’re continuing the tradition of birthdays. The celebration is a time to recognize how forward thinking the University is—school spirit,” she said, “is a major contributor to that.”

UCAM used the opportunity to incorporate the recently presented UNM brand concept with t-shirts given out to students. The shirts are the first tangible implementation of the brand concept, highlighting individuality within the Lobo pack. Communication & Marketing also had an interactive exhibit set-up asking students, “What kind of Lobo are you?”