LoboTHON hosted a successful dance marathon fundraiser for the UNM Children’s Hospital –raising more than $80,000 for miracle children and their families. Participants included UNM students and staff, as well as people outside the UNM community.

The $80,000 raised exceeded LoboTHON’s goal of $77,000.

“We haven’t yet stopped with our goals...the hospital needs it more than ever.” –Noah Lucero, executive director of LoboTHON

Because the event was hosted online this year, the students of LoboTHON had to come up with new ideas in a short amount of time. According to Noah Lucero, the executive director of LoboTHON, the group succeeded in making a virtual event that was engaging and different than the average Zoom call.

“Because our events are usually in person, we didn’t know what to expect. We usually know how it goes, the timeline, and the set schedule. We basically had to start from scratch this summer,” said Lucero.

LoboTHON is a student organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for UNM Children’s Hospital. They dedicate their time to the 66,000+ miracle children being treated yearly at UNMCH to aid in their treatment processes and in the pursuit of giving every child the chance to be a Lobo. This was their seventh year of operation.

LoboTHON hosts events year-round to raise funds and awareness. At the end of the year, they host a dance marathon– the biggest fundraising opportunity of the year.

“We wanted to give a big thank you to the UNM community for being supportive and helping us raise awareness,” said Lucero.

The dance marathon event had a steady pool of viewers and succeeded in getting other campus organizations interested.

“We haven’t yet stopped with our goals...the hospital needs it more than ever,” said Lucero.

The organization likes to get creative with events. Some that have taken place throughout the years are dodgeball and golf tournaments and basket bingo in the student union.

Visit the LoboTHON website at https://www.lobothon.org/ to learn more about this and future events.