UNM’s largest student-run philanthropic organization—LoboTHON—is kicking off the semester with its first fundraiser of the year: Luau with LoboTHON on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. at Lobo Village.

LoboTHON hosts a series of events throughout the year to reach their end of the year fundraising goal. In 2019, LoboTHON raised $103,408.42 surpassing their $100,000 goal.

While LoboTHON has not set their fundraising goal for this school year, it is not holding them back from starting their fundraising.

Luau with LoboTHON is LoboTHON’s first event of the 2019-2020 school year. Taking place at the Lobo Village Pool, the Luau includes barbeques, agua frescas, fruit kabobs and popsicles. It will also include limbo, volleyball and yard games.

Not only is the event intended to kick start fundraising, but it is to help introduce students to the LoboTHON organization.

“All of us at LoboTHON are ready to really grow the organization this year, but before any of that could happen, we wanted to start out with something fun that can bring everyone together,” says Mohammad Assed, internal director of LoboTHON. “We are thankful Lobo Village has been so kind as to allow us to hold the event there as we know so many students will be settling in but that shouldn’t stop them from taking a break to come grab some refreshments and play some games while learning about why LoboTHON is for the kids and why they will be FTK next!”

All money raised by LoboTHON goes directly to UNM’s Children’s Hospital—specifically a program called Child Life. Child Life is a program that allows children to enjoy their childhood despite their diagnosis. Child Life teaches kids age-appropriate education and preparation to help ease them through their diagnosis and treatments, but also allows kids to focus on having fun like every child should.

For more information on LoboTHON, visit LoboTHON.