The annual student-run fundraiser, LoboTHON not only met, but exceeded its fundraising goal of $66,000 for UNM Children’s Hospital (UNMCH). The funds will go to critical areas of the hospital which support patients.

The event raised more than $75,000 which exceeds the goal set of $66,000.

“It was incredibly inspiring to see so many students come out to support the kids treated at UNMCH, and to exceed our fundraising goal by more than $9,000 despite having to start the program almost from scratch due to COVID," said LoboTHON Executive Director Gabby O'Keefe. "It was an honor to be part of such an important year for LoboTHON and to work with such dedicated and passionate students!”

The event is the first LoboTHON Dance Marathon to be held in person since 2019. Attendees included children treated at UNMCH, their families, hospital staff, performers, student organizations and others.

LoboTHON’s mission is to raise funds for UNMCH. Those who wish to get involved in any year-round events can go here.