In a recent surprise ceremony, Leo Lucero, manager of The University of New Mexico Facilities Management (FM) Area Two, was presented with the 2018 Outstanding Manager of the Year award.

Lucero was nominated by three members of the Area Two maintenance team, each recognizing his ethics, communication style and his commitment to customer service. 

Respect and concern for the well-being of his employees was a common thread in the nomination comments, which included:

“Leo makes sure we have the time, tools, supplies, and authority to provide our customers with the best service.”

“I cannot say enough about his ethical leadership.”

“His positive attitude towards his staff helps us to move forward with the tasks set before us…”

“His door is always open and he welcomes anyone and everyone to come in talk about whatever is on their mind.”

At the ceremony, Lucero was given an engraved award and his name will be added to the Outstanding Manager plaque that hangs in the Service Building. The honor was created in 2016 and past recipients include Michael Crocker, manager, HSC Custodial Services, and Dave Gauthier, manager, FM Maintenance Area Four. 

Those recognized for this award demonstrate the qualities of outstanding leadership, customer service, promoting a positive work environment and making a significant contribution to the success of their work groups. 

Nominations for the 2019 Outstanding Manager will open in early 2020.