Good afternoon fellow Lobos –

Since the events on Monday evening and early Tuesday morning on our campus, I and other University leaders have heard from many individuals both inside and outside of the campus community. We continue to talk with members of our community and to review the communications we are receiving from those who love The University of New Mexico and want to share their perspectives about the appropriate role for the university in helping to resolve a devastating crisis in the Middle East. We remain unwavering in our support of freedom of speech and expression, not only because it is protected by law, but because it is a cornerstone in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

We also believe it is important that we reiterate our expectation that those who wish to speak or to protest do so in accordance with the university policies that allow us to manage the time, place, and manner of speech in our shared public space. We expect those who wish to protest to respect the law. The right to protest does not relieve any of us of the obligation to respect the rights of others. The University and all of its spaces must be protected to allow us to carry out our mission as a public Research 1 institution. 

We have been hearing concerns about hate and bias incidents related to religion. Let us be clear - calls for violence and statements targeted at individuals based on their religious, ethnic, or national identity are unacceptable and may violate University policy or federal laws. We adamantly assert that UNM stands firmly against all manifestations of hatred, including but not limited to anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, and any form of discrimination rooted in religion, ethnicity, or individual identity.

We have also heard concerns about our students feeling singled out in classes based on their religious or national identity, and of students feeling intimidated by faculty expressing views that seem to target their religion or nationality. Concerns have been shared about students whose public presentation of their religion has led to removal from a student group. Each of these may violate various UNM policies. We want to know about these concerns, and we want to make sure you are aware of the ways in which you can let us know about them.

How to Report Hate and Bias Incidents 
We recognize that the university is large and complex, and often it is difficult to know which office to contact. You can and should contact UNM Police directly if you experience physical harm, direct threats, or emergency situations. Safety escorts are also available at any time of day.

To make other reporting simple and transparent, the EthicsPoint hotline is available at UNM, and it can be used to make reports. After filing any Hotline report, you will receive a “Report Key,” which allows you to provide new or additional information, as well as to view follow-up questions UNM may have regarding the report. All communication in EthicsPoint is through an independent third party, so UNM has no way of knowing who you are if you elect not to identify yourself, allowing you to remain anonymous if you wish to do so. We encourage all Lobos to report misconduct. Every report that UNM receives is reviewed and addressed by the relevant administrative entity, such as the Dean of Students, Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity, or UNM Human Resources.

Know also that providing more specific information in a report makes it much more likely that we will be able to take some follow-up action.

Where To Seek Support
Feeling safe and supported is fundamental to student success and to our health as a community. As a member of the Lobo community, we want every student or learner, staff, and faculty member to know the resources available for them and others for whom there is a concern. Many resources are available to provide support, and some are listed below: 

CEEO is responsible for compliance with federal laws and regulations pertaining to the fair treatment of faculty, staff, and students, which includes the application of Title IX and Title VII, and upholds equal employment opportunity to ensure equal access to the University. Accordingly, CEEO is also responsible for administering the EthicsPoint hotline, investigating complaints of discrimination, and serves as a liaison between the University and federal enforcement agencies concerned with equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

The Dean of Students is responsible for reports of violations of the institution’s student code of conduct and overseeing the disciplinary process. The student code of conduct includes policies related to academic integrity and behavioral expectations.

SHAC can offer support and guidance for students in need of Mental Health Resources.

UNM Student Affairs houses centers for advocacy, community and support as well as counseling and resource centers.

This office houses:

This office is in the student affairs office and offers confidential reporting and discussion options for understanding, preventing, reducing, and responding to learner mistreatment.

Vassar House is a confidential resource center available to the UNM community on North Campus providing students at HSC (Health Sciences Center) with the services and programming of the Women’s Resource Center and the Accessibility Resource Center

  • UNM Police Department (UNMPD):
    UNMPD is the primary point of contact for all safety-related concerns. They can provide information about reporting to law enforcement, safety procedures, emergency response protocols, and crime prevention tips.
  • University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) Security:

This is an onsite point of contact available to you if you are a student working on clinical rotations at UNMH. Please call 505.272.2160.

Ombuds services provide confidential, impartial assistance in resolving conflicts and addressing concerns, for faculty, staff, and graduate students, including those related to incidents or disputes.

A confidential tool that helps UNM faculty and staff to learn about the supportive services and reporting options available at UNM.

2024 Commencement: Crossing the Finish Line
We know that first and foremost, our students are here to be educated – and part of our responsibility as a university is to provide them the physical and intellectual environment in which to thrive and be successful – this is especially true as we enter finals week. We must balance both our individual and collective interests to ensure that every Lobo crosses that finish line, including being able to access student spaces and resources. We have heard concerns from students and their families about whether UNM commencement ceremonies and activities will be interrupted or cancelled. While there are no indications at this point that anyone would diminish this milestone experience that our class of 2024 has worked so hard to achieve, we join those graduates and families in the expectation that this day belongs to them. Our beautiful campus has enough room for all Lobos to accomplish their goals, as well as to express their voices and views and celebrate their accomplishments.

Finally, we would also like to acknowledge the abundant commonalities among us, including our shared value for dignity and a good quality of life. These fundamental principles serve as a starting point for meaningful dialogue and understanding, forming the foundation for an environment in which we can all thrive.

Garnett S. Stokes
UNM President