Starting on Aug. 21, UNM Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) will be enforcing an update made to the UNM Administrative Policy 2260, Section 4 (UAP 2260), regarding the regulation of non-motorized and small motorized vehicles, including mopeds and scooters.

The new policy prohibits the use of driving vehicles intended for roadway use such as motorcycles and mopeds on sidewalks or pedestrian pathways.

As a result, scooters and mopeds will no longer be permitted to park at bicycle racks located on campus.

“The change in University policy to prohibit use of mopeds and scooters on pedestrian walkways was driven by the UNM Campus Safety Committee,” said Barbara Morck, director, UNM PATS. “The number of accidents and near-misses over several years prompted the change, coupled with the fact that UNM was one of the only universities still allowing mopeds and scooters to travel on sidewalks. The prohibition banning them from sidewalks necessitated PATS changing its Parking Regulations policy regarding where they can be parked—you can’t get to a bike rack without being on a sidewalk.”

To accommodate the policy change and address the need for scooter and moped parking, during the Fall 2017 semester, small motorized vehicles need to be registered with PATS. Owners will be given a permit valid for parking in designated motorcycle permit parking areas. 

For more information about moped and scooter registration, contact PATS at 505-277-1938.