Representative from National Geographic Young Explorers Program will conduct a workshop on campus on Saturday, Sept. 19 to explain how students can succeed in getting grants to conduct their own research. The Young Explorers grants are limited to students from 18 to 25.

The workshop in Dane Smith Hall is free but requires advance online registration.

Young Explorers Program grants are offered in the areas of adventure, ancient world, animals, environment, society and culture, space and photography/filming.

“We are delighted to be coming to the University of New Mexico to share information about our successful Young Explorers Grant Program with the students, and to provide essential information that will provide them with an edge in the grant application process,” said Rebecca Martin, director of the Young Explorers Grant Program. “These grants, capped at 5,000 dollars, provide young people with some of their first opportunities to carry out field-based scientific research, conservation and exploration. To date we have supported nearly 450 young people at two million dollars for fieldwork around the world. As past Young Explorers have noted, these grants have proven to be integral to getting into graduate school, to making important career decisions, and to connecting with a like-minded community of explorers globally. National Geographic has a rich history of supporting faculty at the University of New Mexico. Now we hope that we can support more individuals who are earlier in their academic careers.”