UNM Human Resources and the Women’s Resource Center have partnered to make available a new lactation room, one of 26 across campus, now open in the John and June Perovich Business Center.

From the Bursar’s Office transaction center, to Payroll, to employee training, the Perovich Business Center is a campus hub for visitors, new employees and students, making it an excellent location for a lactation room. Prior to this new station, the next closest locations for nursing mothers were about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the business center. With the distance, these locations could not accommodate people during the break time allotted for training sessions.

“The WRC is grateful for the continued campus collaboration in creating supportive environments that shift the cultural norm and value the lactating members of our community,” says Caitlin Henke, program specialist at the Women’s Resource Center. “We appreciate the strong leadership of Amber Bailey and the staff at Perovich in the launch of our twenty-sixth lactation station.”

The lactation room is open to all faculty, staff and students and is located in Room 3016 on the third floor, between the restrooms and central break area. To ensure privacy, a key must be checked out from the HR Service Center.

The room design is in alignment with the University Lactation Support Program, which benefits all UNM students and employees, and their spouses and partners, who choose to continue to breastfeed their children after they return to work or school. 

Designated lactation rooms follow specific standards and are intended to provide a comfortable, private and safe space that contains a supportive chair, electrical outlets, table and lockable door.

For more details on the UNM Policy, visit UAP 2750. For more resources and information through the Breastfeeding Support Program, visit the Women’s Resource Center.