On March 12, in celebration of New Mexico Arbor Day, Facilities Management (FM) arborists planted two Piñon Pine trees on The University of New Mexico (UNM) campus. 

The State Legislature formally adopted the Piñon Pine, also called the Two Needle Piñon, as New Mexico’s state tree on March 16, 1949.

UNM Facilities Management
UNM Facilities Management staff prepares a spot to plant a Piñon Pine tree as part of Arbor Day activities last Friday.

Both trees were planted at the northwest corner of Ortega Hall. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year the planting was not a public event. However, when restrictions are lifted, FM encourages campus users to walk the grounds and tour the various species of trees found in the UNM Arboretum.

UNM campus was designated an arboretum in 1994 and features a wide variety of native trees, providing a thriving habitat for many bird species, as well as comfort and shade for all. Trees of interest are designated with a small plaque at their base.  

Each year on New Mexico Arbor Day, and during the week of National Arbor Day in April, FM replaces trees on campus lost to weather damage and age.

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