"Brain drain" is the process in which a state, such as New Mexico, loses its most educated and talented workforce to other states through migration for the lack of apparent opportunities. For New Mexico, this is a problem because the most highly skilled and competent individuals, such as STEM professionals, leave and contribute their expertise to other state economies.

Brain drain is particularly distressing when the skilled workforce truly wants to stay in New Mexico, but cannot due to the perceived lack of opportunities for the highly skilled STEM workforce.

The University of New Mexico is coordinating efforts to reverse the “Brain drain” as it hosts the first-ever New Mexico Educated Workforce in STEM (NEWS) Symposium set for Tuesday-Thursday, Dec. 19-21 at UNM.

STEM Agenda
Brain Drain Symposium Agenda.

Currently, “Brain Drain” is the case in New Mexico, which is seeing the economic effects and negative repercussions of brain drain, including:

  • Loss of tax revenue
  • Loss of future entrepreneurs
  • A shortage of important, highly skilled workers
  • Lack of confidence in the economy
  • Loss of innovative ideas

The symposium is designed to re-introduce the highly educated STEM workforce from New Mexico to the economic, government, biotech/tech, and business leaders in the state for the purpose of job matching. The structure of the professional workforce in NM is unique, with many talented and skilled professionals, getting advanced degrees and temporarily living out of state. The idea, through the NEWS Symposium, is to show these young STEM professionals that there is a vibrant, creative economy in New Mexico.

At the NEWS Symposium, event organizers will introduce these highly skilled STEM professionals to economic, government, biotech/tech and business leaders from across the state for the purpose of job matching, sharing ideas and redeveloping a connection to the local and state economy. These STEM professionals are unique in that many of them have advanced degrees, strong personal and professional networks, and want to return to New Mexico. The intention is to introduce business leaders to the STEM workforce to further aid these efforts.

The overall goal is to catalyze new businesses, opportunities and networks to facilitate the economic growth of the state based on homegrown New Mexican talent.

For more information email NEWS.NM2017@gmail.com, call 505-277-3609 or visit New Mexico Educated Workforce in STEM Symposium.

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