This week on New Mexico in Focus, Richard B. Stolley, journalist and former editor of Time, Life and People magazines talks about his life in journalism and the current state of the profession.

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The panel looks at jobs in New Mexico and what it takes to lure companies to the state. The promise of much-needed jobs in Cibola and McKinley counties comes with a history, as a mining company seeks uranium on environmentally and culturally sensitive lands.

Also, a discussion over a last minute tax package, rushed through the Legislature, that has an overall impact on New Mexico's economy. Lastly, the panel looks at recent instances of high school sports players chastised for speaking Spanish during competition.

• Richard Stolley, journalist and former editor, Time, Life and People magazines

Line Panelists
• Jamie Estrada, vice president, Agenda Public Relations
• Viki Harrison, executive director, Common Cause New Mexico
• Sophie Martin, editor in chief, New Mexico Law Review
• James Monteleone, reporter, Albuquerque Journal

• Gwyneth Doland

• Gene Grant

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