On this week’s episode of New Mexico in Focus, host Gene Grant and the line opinion panelists discuss two recent New Mexico supreme court rulings: on Worker’s Compensation for farm and ranch laborers and assisted suicide.

The Line will also discuss the impact of the recent Dog Head fire in the Manzano Mountains and new laws that went into effect on July 1.

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Also in this week’s episode, producer Sarah Gustavus talks with child psychiatrist Dr. Scott Carroll about the impact gun violence can have on children and what parents and other adults can do to help children cope after a traumatic event.

The Tin Lizzies of Albuquerque invited other Model T car owners to tour the back roads of New Mexico, after gathering in Albuquerque, and the New Mexico in Focus crew was there to capture it.

In a re-broadcast of an interview that aired earlier this year, correspondent Gwyneth Doland sits down with photographer Kevin Bubriski to discuss his book, “Look into My Eyes: Nuevomexicanos por Vida, ’81 – ’83.” The book contains photos from northern New Mexico, capturing not only the look of the early ‘80s, but images of communities that still resonate today.

New Mexico in Focus is New Mexico PBS’ prime-time magazine show covering the events, issues, and people that are shaping life in New Mexico and the Southwest.

The Producer of New Mexico in Focus is Sarah Gustavus and Associate Producer is Kathy Wimmer. Funding for New Mexico in Focus is provided in part by the McCune Foundation Communications Fund and the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

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  • Kevin Bubriski, photographer “Look into My Eyes: Nuevomexicanos por Vida, ’81 – ’83”
  • Dr. Scott Carroll, child psychiatrist at UNMH

Line Panelists

  • Janice Arnold-Jones, former state representative
  • Tom Garrity, Garrity Group PR
  • Sophie Martin, attorney and editor of DukeCityFix.com
  • Antoinette Sedillo López, executive director of Enlace Communitario


  • Gwyneth Doland
  • Sarah Gustavus


  • Gene Grant