This week on New Mexico in Focus, the panel examines the implications of Gary King's decision on same sex marriage. After months of research, the attorney general and his staff determined New Mexico law does not allow marriage between partners of the same gender.

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NMIF begins a series of interviews on water and the crisis of drought in New Mexico as author William deBuys sits down to discuss the state of water and climate change in the Southwest. The New Mexican authored the book "A Great Aridness" and keeps close track of the policies and politics that go alongside the changing climate in the American Southwest.

Also this week, the Line returns to examine the recent report on Heather Wilson's contracts with New Mexico's national labs, and New Mexico may be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in funding for special education.

• William deBuys, author, "A Great Aridness"

Line Panelists
• Dede Feldman, former New Mexico State Senator
• Dan Foley, former New Mexico House Republican Whip
• Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
• Laura Sanchez, CEO, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce

• Megan Kamerick

• Gene Grant

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