New Mexico in Focus recaps some of the most surprising races and overarching themes that developed in New Mexico's elections, and looks at some of the factors that may have played roles in some of the upsets.

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Also this week, a talk with Jay McCleskey, political strategist and key adviser to Gov. Martinez, about campaign tactics, the changing face of the legislature, the impact of independent political committees on the election, and what's in store come January.  Plus, former New Mexico Gov. and Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson discusses his desire for a strong third party candidate to upset the two-party system.

* Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential nominee
* Jay McCleskey, political strategist

Line Guests:
* Jim Monteleone, political reporter, Albuquerque Journal
* Gabriel Sanchez, UNM Political Science professor

Line Panelists:
* Jamie Estrada, former U.S. Commerce Department official
* Laura E. Sanchez, attorney

* Matt Grubs

Gene Grant

The Producer of New Mexico in Focus is Matt Grubs, associate producer is Kathy Wimmer. Funding is provided in part by the McCune Foundation.

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