This week on New Mexico in Focus, panelists sit down with Eric and Regina Griego, aunt and uncle of Nehemiah Griego, accused of the shooting deaths of his parents and three siblings last month, about the current state of mental health resources in New Mexico.

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Also this week, a panel of experts from the University of New Mexico examines what mental health professionals know about mass shootings, including how teens process violent media, the Line panel offers their own thoughts about legislation regarding gun violence, as well as on the revelation that former U.S. senator Pete Domenici fathered a child decades ago and what it means for his legacy.

• Steven Adelsheim, director, Center for Rural Community Behavioral Health
• Lynette Cofer, Professor Emeritus, psychology, UNM
• David Graeber, division director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Eric Griego, former state senator, brother and uncle of recent shooting victims
• Regina Greigo, NNSA systems engineer, sister and aunt of recent shooting victims

Guest Panelists
• Christopher Sanchez, vice president of creative development, The Waite Company
• Eric Witt, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Gov. Bill Richardson

Line Panelists
• Jamie Estrada, former U.S. Commerce Department official
• Sophie Martin, editor-in-chief, New Mexico Law Review

• Matt Grubs, NMiF producer

• Gene Grant

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