The University of New Mexico School of Architecture & Planning is teaming up with UNM Extended Learning to offer the online course, “Sustainable Architectural Design” for the fall semester beginning Monday, Aug. 17.

Sustainable Architectural Design provides a guide to the sustainable design process that moves from theory to site and energy use, building systems and finally to evaluation and case studies, so students can integrate design and technology for effective, sustainable building.

Case studies integrate technologies and concepts into cohesive project types, from small and large office spaces to single and multiuse residences, hospitals, schools, restaurants and warehouses, demonstrating examples that meet clients’ needs now and for the future.

Alternate assessment and evaluation systems such as BREEAM, CASBEE, GBTool, Green Globes alongside LEED, ECOTECT, energy 10, HEED and eQuest simulation programs are covered in the course.

The online course instructor, Kuppaswamy Iyengar, is the author of “Sustainable Architectural Design, An Overview,” (Routledge, May 2015) a leading global publisher of groundbreaking textbooks and premier, peer-reviewed research. He will show students how to use free energy systems and utilize technologies that minimize fossil fuel use.

Iyengar, a highly skilled instructor and technical consultant for the past 55 years, combines his degrees in civil and structural engineering and architecture with a wealth of practical experience. In addition to developing academic courses of study, he has designed and presented over 50 seminars in professional settings, bringing his expertise to students in academic, governmental and commercial locations in India, Barbados, the USA, England, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Christopher Murphy, teaching Associate for the course, graduated from UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning with a Master of Architecture in May 2015. Murphy also received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from UNM. He has an appreciation for the process of finding creative solutions to complex problems and the positive influence that responsible design can have in shaping our lives and environments.

The course number is 441/541.