To support well-being and overall mental health, The University of New Mexico's Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is offering a new, online tool for Lobos to use anywhere at any anytime. 

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is a tool that can be used to provide self-help on issues like mindfulness, communication, problem solving, depression and stress management.

Anyone with a Lobo net ID can register on the SHAC website for free access to TAO. The app can be download to any smart device. Registration is required, but information shared remains anonymous and private.

TAO was created to reduce mental health disparities by bringing affordable, effective, and accessible treatment to people with limited access to support, or issues seeking treatment in person.  

“My greatest hope for students is that they recognize that mental health support and education, and even treatment, is available to them whether they walk through a clinic door or not,” says Stephanie McIver, director of Counseling Services at SHAC. “And here at UNM we provide those services to students wherever they are on campus for the general health and wellbeing of the entire community.”

With the stress of finals and the holiday season in full-swing, Lobos are encouraged to use TAO as well as other SHAC in-person services for support. Visit for more information.